Fashion Photography

Photography has been playing an essential role in the fashion industry for many years, and its contributions are numerous. No word can describe what a photo shows when it comes to fashion. Fashion photography is all over. You will see hundreds of photos of women and men dressed up showcasing their footwear, clothing, and accessories. […]

Matching outfits for family photos & how to nail it

Every once in a while, your social media timelines are flooded with hashtag twinning or matching kitenges or other coordinated dressing. If you are like me, then you keep wondering ‘how did they pull that look off?’ Instead of trying to look for faults and dying with envy, let us teach ourselves how to ace those family photos, shall we?

Using photos to promote your brand

You need to be creative and innovative in order to stand out and make people notice you and your brand. And what better way to do so than with photos? With visual medium like photos, you have a chance of catching people’s attention. This is a must have for a brand’s promotion strategy.

Photo enlargements in Kenya

The most precious photos deserve a prime spot in your home or house. But there might be a catch. It is not uncommon for some of your favorite photos to have been taken quite some years back. And chances are, it was that village camera which, despite being highly valued by each homestead with a 10km radius, its products today do not cut it

Visa and Professional Passport size photos

Imagine you have secured that once in a life time opportunity to travel outside the country. You belong in a category of your own, the chosen few. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like to travel, and more so when it is outside the country?

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